6 things to consider when choosing a hair transplant clinic

Along with other types of cosmetic procedures, hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular among men. After all, everyone wants to look their best, especially in this age of Instagram. But finding a good hair transplant clinic can seem difficult. Since your final choice affects how your hair will look after the treatment, it is very important that you find the right one. Below, we look at six ways to ensure you make the right choice among the available hair transplant clinics in Raleigh. in North Carolina and even across the United States.

See a doctor
Your hair transplant surgeon is one of the most important factors in the success of your procedure. Has his or her biography been posted on the hair transplant clinic website? Does the doctor have any visible medical credentials or is it reflected in his dot com? If you cannot find details about the surgeon there, do not rush to contact the clinic. You have the right to know who you will be seeing for a consultation before you book an appointment and take the time to get there.

Learn about the hair transplant clinic
You should never consider having the procedure done at an unlicensed facility. This must take place in a hospital, medical center or licensed hair transplant clinic. If the facility is not clean or the conditions do not seem safe for any reason, do not proceed. This is rarely a problem in the United States, where medical procedures are highly regulated. But if you have a negative impression of the institution, don't do the surgery.

Understand your treatment plan
Planning is a key aspect of hair transplantation, which is essential for natural results. As part of the consultation, your hair transplant surgeon will discuss the surgery plan with you.

Check out the before and after photos
One of the best ways to test the skills of a hair transplant surgeon is to review his or her before and after hair transplant photos. Every good hair transplant clinic has an album or digital collection of patient pictures.

Search this collection for photos of people with a very similar hairline to you. Then compare this “before” picture with the one showing their surgical results. You can usually expect similar results if your doctor confirms the similarities.

Check social media and online reviews
Remember that having a lot of followers on social media means little to confirm the quality of your chosen hair transplant clinic. Instead, look to their social media accounts for positive comments about their quality and results. Of course, complaints are also important. Also compare these social comments with online reviews to get a good idea of what former transplant recipients think.

Ask about the types of procedures
Hair restoration, like other aesthetic medical procedures, is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, you need a customized treatment plan based on your individual needs. This means that the best hair transplant clinic is one that offers several types of procedures.

For example, Rubenhair hair transplant clinic offers various hair restoration methods as a top quality hair transplant clinic. To learn more about Rubenhair and schedule an in-person or virtual consultation, call us today at 919-615-0577.