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Trichology is the science of the structure, functions and diseases of human hair. Clinical trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the hair and scalp.

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    Hair Health and Treatment (Trihalog Services)

    Get comprehensive, structured advice and treatment from one of the most trusted hair health clinics in Europe.

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    We will help you understand the cause of your hair loss problem or scalp condition through a personal and in-depth consultation of approximately one hour before recommending the most effective course of action.

    Experienced trichologists

    We do our best to make you feel comfortable during consultations and procedures. In our 10-year history, we have investigated, diagnosed and treated all types of hair loss and scalp conditions.


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    Trichology is a branch of medicine that deals with the in-depth study, diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp health problems. A trichologist is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of hair loss, hair and scalp. trichologist

    Experienced dermatologists and trichologists of the Hair Transplant and Skin Health Center Rubenhair Latvia carry out high-quality and timely diagnosis and treatment of the cause of hair loss and skin diseases.

    dr. Andrei M.

    Hair health doctor

    Procedures and Services

    Prevention of hair loss

    Qualitative diagnosis and treatment of the causes of hair loss and skin diseases.

    Hair treatment with
    PRP injections

    PRP injections strengthen the hair roots, which helps hair growth.

    Hair transplant surgery

    provides natural hair thickness, as well as high-quality and long-lasting results.

    Minoxidil 5% for hair growth

    Minoxidil 5% solution is a topical product that promotes hair growth.

    Hair and scalp treatments

    In the hair transplant clinic Rubenhair Latvia, all services offered are certified, safe and recognized in the Republic of Latvia and the European Union.
    Hair transplantation with FUE

    FUE (follicular unit extraction). The transplanted hair grows very well and does not fall out. The results are permanent.

    Hair treatment with PRP injections
    At the Rubenhair hair clinic, it is possible to receive PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections, which are a very effective means of promoting hair growth.
    Eyebrow transplant

    At the Rubenhair hair clinic, eyebrow transplantation proceeds similarly to the hair transplantation procedure. The only difference is that this time the grafts are divided one hair follicle at a time, because the natural hairs in the eyebrows grow one at a time. 

    Transplantation of the beard and mustache area

    Hair transplantation and skin health center Rubenhair Latvia performs beard transplantation and mustache transplantation using the manual FUE method. 

    Hair treatment with Minoxidil

    Minoxidil 5% (Minoxidil) solution is an over-the-counter medication and is a topical product that promotes hair growth. 

    Hair and scalp examinations

    The experienced doctors of the hair transplant and skin health center Rubenhair Latvia perform high-quality and timely diagnosis and treatment of the cause of hair loss and skin diseases.

    Hair treatment

    Hair loss can have various reasons and it applies to both men and women. Modern medicine has developed enough to deal with this problem.

    Scalp treatment

    Experienced doctors who carry out high-quality and timely diagnosis and treatment of the cause of hair loss and skin diseases.

    Take care of your hair health!

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    What do customers think about us?

    Very happy with the service. Staff are very experienced and you will be in good hands getting your hair transplant here.
    Jãnis and Ruben Hair clinic thank you very much for this professional treatment! Very polite doc and nurses, beautiful clinic and as uncomfortable as this treatment is, they're doing their best to make it as likable as they can!
    Based on 39 reviews
    Two cheerful chickens
    Two cheerful chickens
    Everything went well
    Caesar I
    Caesar I
    a very good doctor who transplanted my hair I can not even explain in words how well done you come to the clinic very good service to assess how much kraft is needed to do the transplant very sociable talk all this is done then after a year very good result I just have a large volume in the middle did not grow hair and when transplanted through one year I have a good result at least I can take off my cap Thank you to this clinic and the doctors who did me It is good that there is such a clinic which deals with very good specialists and I advise people who also have a problem I recommend to come and not пожалеете❤️❤️❤️
    Dmitry Panov
    Dmitry Panov
    Operation went smoothly (fue hair transplant at temples, crown and a bit on forehead). Now it's been 14 months and hair grows perfectly, indistinctive of surrounding areas, there's no scarring, shedding or any noticeable side effects. Very happy with results.
    Māris Valpēters
    Māris Valpēters
    Since my first FUE (yes, sometimes, one might have to do more than 1, depending on the state of the hair etc) it's been 6+ years and the process has improved dramatically. * Only time one feels pain is when the anesthetics are applied, but that's just 5-10 min. After that - no pain whatsoever. Process is smooth and you can, and most likely will, fall asleep. * Staff is professional, kind and lovely. Comparing experiences 6+ years apart, I definitely recommend doing the FUE here and not delay the procedure if you are showing signs of becoming "follicly challenged".
    Excellent & friendly service. Very responsive customer support as well. The hair transplant procedure was long & tedious, but they walk you through it smoothly, with breaks & lunch.
    I am pleased with the results. They will prescribe you all the medicine you will need. I can recommend. Fair price as well.
    T Mohican
    T Mohican
    Hello, everybody. I'm from Lithuania. Guys and girls, if you are looking for a hair transplant clinic, choose only this clinic Rubenhair. I myself had a hair transplant in Lithuania in Medihub clinic and I was very unhappy, so in less than two weeks I found Rubenhair clinic, which I found on a portal in Lithuania with very good reviews. There are no such specialists in Lithuania yet and I think there will not be any soon. Don't risk going to Turkey for a hair transplant. There you will either succeed or you will not. 50% Rubenhair will provide a really high level of professional service. As for the prices, they are very adequate to Rubenhair's professionalism, but of course the amount depends on the volume of follicle transplant. In short, the price and the professional service really match everything. I was very satisfied. Good luck everyone!!
    Cynthia Lapina
    Cynthia Lapina
    I would like to thank Dr Andrejs Milčevskis very much for his honest and frank advice. I was not expecting it. Unfortunately, in my situation, Dr Andrej Milczewski can't do anything for now, but by explaining my situation, he advised me without any unnecessary thoughts who I can go to and the first thing I need to do to get my hair cut. I recommend everyone who has problems with hair loss to see this very knowledgeable doctor. Dr Michevsky is a member of ISHRS for a reason. Thank you, Cynthia.
    Hossein A.moghaddam
    Hossein A.moghaddam
    I underwent PRP treatment for my hair at this establishment. The nurse's expertise was exceptional, as I experienced no discomfort during the blood sampling and PRP injections. The reception staff were also highly accommodating. Overall, it was a positive and satisfying experience

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